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Chewters Chocolates  is North America’s premier manufacturer of all things chocolate.  With over 120 years in the chocolate
industry combined, Chewters is a combination of the talents and experience of Chocolate Experience Officer (CEO) Richard Foley
and his partners Wade Pugh and Tony Canino. Chewters was founded in 1984 with a strong focus on the hospitality
trade, including  turndown chocolates, in-suite boutique items, candies and mints. In 2015, Chewters purchased Dynamic Chocolates                                    
and has increased its contract manufacturing capabilities tenfold while also increasing its brand portfolio to include ChocXO, Botticelli,                                    House of Brussels and Canadian Treasures. 

In its new 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Delta BC, Chewters is capable of producing a wide variety of molded chocolate                                             products including filled nut butter cups, bars, truffles, and customized chocolate pieces for retail and food service customers.                                                             Our SQF certified, state-of-the-art computerized production facility specializes in one shot molding, wrapping and packaging.

Let us know how Chewters can make your chocolate dream a reality.  From hospitality, to bean to bar, to contract manufacturing,
Chewters has chocolate covered.